Samuel G. Sterling


From a lazy birth in Bombay to a Jesuit Catholic education, Sam inadvertently—via family connections—indulged in Bollywood circles, followed by a pacey cosmopolitan upbringing in London. His diverse heritage, together with his expanding social exposure, arouses the ‘culture-vulture’ within. He continues to explore ‘true diversity’ with human nature as sub-text, but with sensitive sassiness—both as a screenwriter and novelist—awarding him the ‘super-rich’ tapestry of life—the catalyst for creativity and underscoring his conviction: ‘Taking fun seriously.’

Infused with heart-warming sensitivity and irreverent deference, Sam’s multi-stranded stories are enhanced by larger-than-life characters. Employing ‘scalpel-wit’ as an agent provocateur, he dissects and exposes the status-quo—challenging controversial social issues: racial, cultural, gender, British Colonialism, Bollywood hum-buggery and Indian etiquette …

As a feature film screenwriter, his creations are diverse across complementary genres: “BABY-BÉBÉ”; “TRAFFIK-KING”; “LOS CARTEL”; “SANTA CLAUSTEIN” and the “POPO GIGI” franchise in development – singular in style with vivaciously enthralling narratives.

As a novelist, “POPO GIGI: THE EARLIER YEARS”, is the first of a trilogy; prequel to the eponymous feature film “POPO GIGI: SHAKESPEARE GOES BOLLYWOOD”.

Casper Shirazi

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

(Philip Pullman)

Stories are the human spirit’s Vicodin. We all live in a story. Sometimes the beautiful ones we read or appear to live in, tell a sad tale. Fantastic stories are the ones that can bring to life’s fore the emotions you thought were once buried, and intensify the explicit existing ones.

As Co-writer of Jolliwood Entertainment’s outputs, Casper’s storytelling belief is to expose human emotion at its rawest state. As a producer and screenwriter, Casper has 5 films in development under his Jolliwood Production banner. As a novelist, Casper has co-written Jolliwood Books’ recently released debut novel: “POPO GIGI: THE EARLIER YEARS”.