jolliwood entertainment

aims to be a leading global provider of cross-platform entertainment.

jolliwood thrives on offering a diverse range of story and character driven
genres for books, motion pictures, stage and television.

jolliwood is in the business of creating bold, engaging and commercially
viable content. Our output aims to draw worldwide audiences, while
promoting our core value proposition of taking fun seriously.

jolliwood has a passion for ‘slam-dunk’ storytelling; offering a unique,
compelling, meaningful and fun experience in its delivery.

jolliwood focuses on cross-cultural stories, bringing
together diverse demographics.

Our Concept Development:


From the very outset—at seed: all content is geared to engaging wide international audiences, thus increasing chances of commercial viability and expedited payback.

Creativity together with research (target audience, changing trends and marketing) form the key sensitive variables.

Our technique in reducing financial risk is creating timelessly defining content and exploiting them to their full potential across global multi-platforms.